ICDE World Conference

Developing web-based integrated educational resources based on a multi-generational model to provide open educational resources (OERs) for learners
(Mohammad Imam Farisi)

In the edge of online learning paradigm, distance education should develop integrated and open educational resources for learners. Web-based integrated educational resources is a powerful media to create equivalent the experiences to all learners regardless their genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and geographical location, and to building the knowledge-based society. A Multi-Generational Model is an alternative to integrate various educational resources into the web, rather than moving to a one-size-fits-all format, which may serve to limit market participation. It would contain composite of options for learners, empowering them to make choices in their learning, encourage participation as well as successful completion. Web-based integrated educational resources relied on a multi-generational model would include simultaneously accessed to print resources, audio-visual materials, telelearning, including radio transmissions and telephone learning. It also could assist access for learners who have difficulty regularly accessing the online capabilities of the flexible or intelligent-flexible learning generations, and m-learning. In relation with openness and flexibility education, a multigenerational model is most possible to give shape to unlock the promise of open educational resources that promote to open education, open educational resources, open educational technology, open to sharing of teaching practices and other approaches, without constraint.

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