Panduan Kultur Unit

Pengembangan Panduan Kultur Unit
Tri Dyah Prastiti & Mohammad Imam Farisi

So far, Regional Center (RC) Surabaya has not had a basic character-based guide yet that can be used by employees, and tutors, to implement their duties and functions, so that emerge the problems which were related to rule, norm, and ethic. This research was aimed at developing the Unit’s Culture Guide through Research and Development. Results of the development consisted of two Unit Culture Guides for employees, and tutors. According to experts and users validator the Guide was “compatible” for RC-Surabaya. Overall, they also assessed that content, language, and structure of the Guide is “good” (79,17%), and “very good” (18,75%). The core values which were considered as a priority for employees were: responsibility, intelligence, honesty, cooperativeness, taft, care, clean, and healthy; for tutors were: honesty, responsibility, intelligence, care, taft, cooperativeness, clean, and healthy


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