Schematic Curriculum: Design of Teachers’ Education Curriculum For Preparing Qualified And Competent Teachers

Penulis            : Mohammad Imam Farisi
Disajikan di    : International Seminar Sang Guru , Surabaya, 8 September 2012
Tautan             :

Abstract:So far, design of education curriculum at higher education, especially at higher education for teacher, was closely related to the scientific structures, which are called “essentialist curriculum”. The substance of curriculum is derived from the structure of scientific field of studies or based on scientist modes of thought. Along with a common commitment for the nation character building through the character education, and the latest of teacher’s multiple competencies development namely pedagogy, personality, professional, and social competencies, teacher’s education curriculum should be designed integrally and cover of these commitment. This paper discusses on design of schematic curriculum for teacher’s education which is developed according to three basic structures of integrated curriculum model: substantive, syntactic, and normative. The structures are based on theories on constructivist, re-constructionist and postmodernist curriculum development which have been the latest movement in curriculum developments for the 21st age. By design, this curriculum is also expected able to prepare qualified and competent teachers are not only scientifically, but also teachers who have personality, character, and become agents of learning for students.

Keywords: schematic curriculum; teacher’s education; qualified, competent; personality, character.


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